Good Girl Lucy?

So… since the cone of shame has been on Lucy’s head… she has decided that I must take over her duties as Mama Dog to Mugen.

So… when Mugen whines and gets bored, Lucy gets up from her nap, comes over to me and barks at me until I ask her what’s wrong. Then she sits and looks at the pup, who whines… as if on cue… and then finds a ball. Since Lucy is unable to play bitey face due to the cone and the stitches, I must take her place as Mugen’s playmate.

Fine… okay, I get it.

For the last several weeks, it’s been raining. In fact, most of the time, it’s raining. Mugen is bored out of his mind. Lucy has been barking at me quite a bit and my nerves are just about shot. I cannot wait for this cone to come off of her head so they can play together again.

I even had to break out the Mugen’s Bane this morning because Mugen was back to chewing on my dining room chairs and Mugen is so very bored with indoor fetch. The daughter and I have done our best, sacrificing our shoes and umbrellas to take him on as many walks as we can… but there is just no satisfying this pup. He wants to run free and snuffle in the holly bush and chase bees.

So… as you can imagine, it’s been a HUGE pain in the rear to get Mugen to come inside. Even though his recall is great indoors, outside has been a bit of a challenge. Not even chicken jerky is tempting enough to lure him away from the underbrush and the bees and the birds. He just LOVES to be outside. But I can’t leave him out there.

It’s pouring down rain!

So… someone has to go get him. It’s usually me.

Today, I let them out. Lucy ran around the back yard for a while with the cone on her head and I just let her run. I stood on the deck and watched the dogs do their usual thing and then it started to sprinkle. Not much, just a light feathering of rain.

Lucy decided she was done with outside once her nose got a drop or two on it. So she came up the deck stairs to me. Mugen did not follow her.

Lucy looked for him for a second and then she sat next to me and waited a second or two more… and then she BARKED.

Oh man did she bark.

As soon as she started barking, Mugen came out of the bushes and headed up the stairs and into the house, then Lucy settled down and followed him in. I’m not sure how I feel about this, that she can boss him around like that, but for now, I’m gonna go with it.