GOP to Challenge Recount in WA

From ABCNews

So… here we are, it’s been nearly two months since the election ended. We supposedly have a governor, but the lawsuit that Bill@Reason’s Edge predicted is forth coming. I suspect that the GOP will challenge the election results via a lawsuit. I also suspect that several registered voters in Washington will challenge the election. I also feel that it was a little unfair to add back in ballots that had previously been discounted in King County (where we know a majority of voters are Democrat already) and not re-evaluate ballots from counties that are known Republican strongholds (such as Spokane County) by the same measure. In truth, if you are going to re-evaluate ballots from one county, you should re-evaluate the ballots from all of them. King County does not deserve such special treatment over the rest of the state, simply because it has the largest population base.

My .02 cents.