Guardsman Court Martialed

And he’s spending a year in jail for it.

The decision you made, was to serve in the national guard bucko. If you want to set an example here, do it from within by being a good man who keeps his word. Going AWOL is not the way to go about proving your point. In fact, it’s the wrong thing to do.

Personally, I think the guy’s a loser who deserves to be punished for failing to perform his duty as a soldier in the National Guard.

When you sign up to do something like this, you hand over your time and your life to these people. They train you, and they command you and they make the decisions. You don’t get to choose where you go based on your personal political viewpoint. That’s not your place, or your job. That’s why we have a congress, a senate and a president. Those decisions are theirs to make.

Who gives a shit if you disagree with their decision? It’s not like it was yours to make in the first place. And clearly, the American people agreed with it because we elected these guys into office. The guys who DO get to make those decisions. Those viewpoints may have changed over time, but we made a choice four years ago, and if you have signed up for military service… you made a choice to stand behind it, weather you liked it or not.