Hillary for President

I may have said something about this before, but I feel the need to say it again so, here goes.

I am a woman.
I am, politically speaking, a centrist.
I refuse to vote for Hillary Clinton.

1. She lost my respect when she stayed in a marriage with a man who lied about having cheated on her to a federal grand jury.
2. Income redistribution is bullshit as it only encourages the population to do less for society, and not more.
3. She may have threatened a woman that Bill Clinton may have raped.
4. Did you see that stink with David Geffen and Obama? I may not even end up voting for Obama (though right now, I’m very tempted to), but I was so proud of Obama for telling Hillary that he had nothing to apologize for because he wasn’t the one who’d been critical of her. He was RIGHT!

Give me a real woman.
Give me a woman who:

1. Hasn’t thrown up everything she has ever eaten in her life.
2. Has the self-respect to throw out her cheating husband.
3. Is worthy, and I mean truly worthy, of being someone that I want my daughter to admire.
4. Doesn’t pretend to be Betty Crocker until it’s time to run for an election.
5. Isn’t Betty Crocker.
6. is Condi Rice.

Condi Rice is my choice. She’s a fabulous dresser, a powerful woman and doesn’t wander around acting like she’s a domestic engineer by trade for the cameras. She acts like she’s the secretary of state dammit!

If I can’t have Condi, I’ll take Obama until I start hearing what Guiliani really has to say. I don’t blame him for being quiet about the election right now. It’s best to let the dogs duke it out for the Democrat nomination. So… Republican judgment is reserved until the Republicans start saying something. In the mean time, I’m rooting for Obama.