Hillary Loves Tony Soprano

I admit, I haven’t been following this story, but the headline just jumped out at me when I was checking out the google news homepage.

It reads: “Hillary Clinton: Vote For Me! I Like The Sopranos Too!”

I nearly fell over laughing because it does seem like she’s desperate enough to do anything as long as it will get her elected. So I read the article and finally a quote hit me that struck a chord so deep, I had to share it with all of you.

But, still, it’s good to see the way that Hillary Clinton has embraced the power of the internet to push her message across. That message seems to be ‘Although I’m too busy being a politician to know a lot about popular culture, I’m at least willing to pretend I do if it means you people will make me president.’

Thank you Stuart Heritage from Heckler Spray for putting a brilliant topper on an already wonderful day. My family and friends worked hard to make today great for me, and you… all you had to do was post that article.

I will not vote for Hillary Clinton for a number of reasons, the most important of those being that I simply do not like the woman. When she speaks, everything inside of me cries out and begs to understand how anyone could have elected this woman to an office that requires any level of civic responsibility. Any other reasons are merely bonuses, I admit this. However, I cannot deny it when someone makes fun of her, and that fun is justly deserved.

Enjoy the article @Heckler Spray