Homework Blues

So, I get home today after having discovered at the last minute that we’re being quizzed on all 64 adjectives she’s introduced so far this quarter and realize that I must make flash cards. I sat down to start this project and lo and behold… not a single index card in the house. I’m so used to having index cards on hand that I guess I just didn’t realize when my son ran me out of them. I did happen to have an obscene amount of cardstock that we’re never going to use, so I made do with that, and cut each of the cards in half so I didn’t have to use as many pages and would still have an obscene amount of cardstock that we’re never going to use when I got through.

My hands now hurt from all the writing on cards in sharpie, followed by writing on the backs in a ballpoint. I have to update my kanji flash card dictionary and I haven’t even done my lit homework yet… to top all of this off, my son has friends over and the TV is so bloody loud that I think my eardrums might start bleeding. All in all, it’s bad. I can’t concentrate to save my life and my wonderful husband will be home soon, which is great except for one thing. He can’t seem to stop talking to me long enough to let me get my homework done unless I run and hide, which is wonderful in its own way. I do love it that he just can’t stop himself from getting me into a conversation. I must be fascinating to him and that’s a pretty good feeling.

This is an old problem, many friends have offered their assistance by offering their basements as places for me to run away from my family when I have to study, and I love my friends for that, but every time I have tried to study for something like this, or write a reader response journal (which I have to do tonight as well) when I’m not at home, it doesn’t go well. In the end, I will have to say softly, several times, “I have homework. I’ll talk to you later.” When the soft spoken mom act doesn’t work, I’ll end up having to yell. “Leave me alone dammit!”

When that doesn’t work, I will have to turn on my mp3 player and tune them all out, which I can’t do right now because the husband isn’t home to supervise the 3 boys that are currently running around the house… you get the idea.

What a day.

In other news, I think there might be some poetry coming your way very soon. I’m working on a piece that might see the light of day within the next week or so, depending on the work load. Wish me luck on that!