I forgot to mention…

… Parking.

For those of you who are unaware of this, parking permits at college are not a guarantee that you will have a place to park. No, rather they are a hunting license, giving you the right to attempt to find some semblance of parking.

My first stop today was to be the Student Union Building (isn’t that a heck of a name?) to pick up my parking permit. I left two hours before class started to make sure I could get a space and have some time to maybe pick up my books before class. So I tried to park by that building in the LARGE parking lot there. The lot was absolutely packed. Not a space to be found. So I wandered over to the next parking lot, following the guy in front of me, who also did not have his parking permit yet, but he had a college sticker in his back window, so I figured he knew what he was doing.

Turned out that he did. He found the one area where you could park and still get to the student union building in less than five minutes walk. Under a bunch of trees, on the dirt.

I managed to get my parking permit and find my class before it started and I didn’t even have to move my car. But… I can’t believe that I paid 12 bucks for the priveledge of parking on some rather uneven dirt.