I’m screwed in 08.

So people keep asking me about who I like in the presidential race in 2008. I keep telling them, “I have no clue.” I have yet to find a candidate I can get behind, but I have a couple I definitely will not vote for. One of those is Mitt Romney. I’ll be honest, it is, in fact, because he’s mormon. I don’t want a guy becoming the ruler of the free world who believes that his wife must be married to him in order to get to heaven. I’ve got a big problem with that. It sort of defeats the purpose of ruling the… free world, if you get my drift. I mean no offense to my friends who are mormon. They’re all fantastic people. I just don’t believe the way they believe. That doesn’t bother me in my friends, I’m willing to discuss their faith with them and discuss mine with them, but the president of the United States needs to be on my side on a fundamental level. Mitt Romney isn’t, and never will be.

So with that vote cast in stone, the next one that I realized was also cast in stone, though I should have realized it first, is that I will not vote for Hillary. Not only does the woman seem to repeat whatever the poll of the moment thinks she should say, I have absolutely no respect for her. Yes, that is true even though she has busted her behind to make it this far. No respect. I still can’t forgive her for staying married to that idiot when everyone in the country knows he screwed around on her and doubts that he has stopped doing so. I need more from a woman president than this. Hillary Clinton is too weak to represent me.

Oh, and I’m not voting for John Edwards either, because he got his start as a scum bag accident attorney. Those guys don’t deserve to become president. They deserve to be legislated though… legislated right out of jobs. Now if HIS wife were running, I’d probably vote for her. I heard her very politely and very sternly give Ann Coulter a piece of her mind and that woman is worthy of respect. She can live in the white house, her husband needs to go do a lot of charity work to make up for the number of people he ripped off.

The rest of them, I really don’t know. I hope the race ends up being Guiliani and Obama. That will be an interesting race to watch and I might actually care about who I vote for then. Otherwise.. it’s gonna be on a whim this year and it’s very sad.