In response to Mr. Reynolds

I admire Glenn Reynolds for a lot of things, and generally I agree with what he has to say. This would be one of those rare times that I disagree.

I do feel that this legislation is important. I have always felt that writers, not just journalists mind you, writers, should have protections in place that guard them from the kinds of things that happened to Vanessa Leggett. Bloggers deserve these protections as much as professional journalists.

If I feel that it’s important, I am sure there are other people out there too Glenn. We just have to band together and believe in it! There’s strength in numbers and volume in numbers too. The more people we get together on this, the louder it gets. Start a campaign! I could do it, but it wouldn’t be as effective as you setting up something on the sidebar of your blog.

I do promise, that if you start a campaign for this… I’ll be among the first people to sign up to join it.