The Naked Ipod!

I’ve given you a link to go to, because well… I’m too lazy to take pictures!

My family got me a pink ipod nano for my birthday and I love it! I love my ipod, I love itunes. Compared to what I’ve been struggling with for the last several years, itunes is a dream. I am so happy with itunes and with my ipod that I can’t express it. I can’t imagine how anyone would ever dream of switching to another player after owning an ipod.

This has very nearly convinced me that I should get a macbook when my laptop gives up the ghost. If it just plain works the way I expect it should, like itunes does, then what on earth is the point of having a PC? I had convinced myself that Vista was nice enough that I could live with it when my laptop blew, but now… after playing with itunes and my ipod… I’m not so sure that anything is quite this nice. I’m gonna need some hands on time with a macbook before my current laptop explodes. If it really is as nice as using itunes has been… I’m sold.

I had planned to replace my laptop a while ago, and have looked into my options for a while, but my husband pointed out to me that I don’t really use my laptop all that much these days and he would rather wait until it’s blown up to replace it. He has a point and this laptop may limp along for quite a while with as little as I’ve actually been using it.

Um… Oh yeah… I’ll probably figure out how to plug in some feeds to the podcasts that I’ve been picking up and I’ll probably also figure out how to throw some stuff on the blog that hooks into my copy of itunes and shows you all kinds of facts and figures about what I’m listening to. But.. probably later today…. ish.

Enjoy and have a beautiful day!