iPhone Swag: Sedio Inno Case and Dock

Okay, iPhone owners, you totally have to check this puppy out. It’s the Sedio Inno Case. This thing… is the stuff. It’s rubberized, but feels silky to the touch, is completely open on the front of the phone. Yes, I said completely open. No access to any part of the front of the iPhone is hindered in anyway. It fits tightly, without adding a lot of bulk to your iPhone, and the thing is lined with felt to keep the case itself from causing unnecessary scratches.

I loved this thing when I saw it. When it sold out, I asked my husband to watch for them to come back in stock so he could order it for me and he liked it so much that he ordered one for himself.

I also highly recommend the docks that go with these cases if you like to dock your phone on your nightstand at night. The case does not hinder standard cable access, but if you’re using a dock, you’ll need to buy Sedio’s dock in order to avoid taking this case on and off all the time. The docks aren’t perfect, I did have some issues getting the dock to behave when I linked it up to my pc. My iPhone got lost during a sync and I’ve never seen that happen before. They do work great for use as charging stands though, and they do free up an apple cable because the docks are USB to USB.

All in all, I’m very impressed. I’m hard to please when it comes to cases for phones. Usually I get annoyed by them and take them off, but this case is really a cut above.