iTunes in the Cloud: What More Do You Need?

I have been desperately trying to put this blog post together for a week or so now. The reality is, there’s just too much about iOS5 that I love. Suffice it to say that we have iOS5 running on my old 3GS so that my husband can figure out how it works, and maybe, someday, finish that iPhone app that I keep telling him he needs to build. In the mean time, I’ve been carrying the thing around and using it where I would normally be using my iPhone 4.

I could tell you all sorts of cool things about iOS5 that Apple did not talk about at WWDC. But that’s not what has me excited as an end user of iOS5. What has me excited, is iTunes in the Cloud. Being able to sync my books, videos and music over the air is just a God send. This all started because of my mother, of course.

I’m reading this series of books that my mother has mentioned to me every time I’ve talked to her for the last several months. I finally picked them up for free off of SmashWords and am reading them with iBooks. They’re not the best I’ve read to be honest, the plot could use some work, it’s predictable, story pieces connect to each other a little too easily to be believable, but the writing is pretty solid and the world is pretty interesting and I really like the characters, so I’m hooked. The other night, I was reading book two of the series in bed and I had my iPad sitting up against my knees and I wanted to roll over and hide under the covers so the light wouldn’t disturb my husband and I thought to myself, “Oh! I’ll just grab my iPhone!” and I realized in the same moment that I didn’t have the book on my iPhone.

This was last weekend, before Apple’s keynote on Monday. I was a little frustrated at myself for forgetting to sync my books on my iPhone. My eyes lit up like a kid on Christmas morning when I heard them announce iTunes in the Cloud. The first thing I did as soon as that feature became available on my iPhone, was turn it on and start using it. I love being able to have my purchases where I want them, when I want them there, as opposed to where I put them when I bought them.

Then I decided I wanted to revisit George Michael. I used to seriously love George Michael, but we drifted apart after I graduated high school and his pop stardom waned. I caught an episode of Eli Stone and HAD to have Faith again, so I went to buy it this morning. I picked the seven songs I wanted, paid my seven bucks, and immediately the device I have running the iOS5 beta bleeped at me. The notifications window on the lock screen said, “You downloaded a song from your computer. Turn on automatic downloads to receive music on this device without having to sync.”
You can imagine the grin that spread across my face when I read this.

One thing I am learning about iOS 5 is that the intention here is to have your device work with your life, rather than you having to think about your device and wonder if you did this thing or that. I feel like it encourages you to live your digital life effortlessly, and when something important happens, it tells you, rather than you having to constantly tell it. Using the device and getting things done is just so much less of a chore.

It’s what I have wanted all along and never knew I really needed. I was content with tethered life, but now that I have seen a taste of what is on the horizon for Apple users with iCloud, I’m sorely tempted to sell all of my spare iPod cables on Craigslist. I can’t see a reason why you would need to plug your device into your Mac to sync it. It doesn’t matter where I am when I buy music now. I can buy it from my iPad, iPhone or Macbook. It will show up on the other devices before I even think to look for the data on them. What more do I need in this life?

Well, okay, I probably need a million dollars and a contract with a publisher but that’s pipe dreaming here.