JKF Reloaded

I’ll be honest. Before I saw an article on google news where there was public outcry over this game being in poor taste, I had never even heard of it. Articles like this one, are contributing to the sales of this video game, whether they intend to or not. I mean here I am, I’m way into my video gaming on my PS2 and my xbox. I am all but unaware of the PC titles that are being released, unless their names are Half-Life, Myst or Doom. I don’t pay attention to the PC gaming world at all… and then this game comes along.

Frankly, all this publicity is just going to add to a rise in this game’s popularity. Now that people are hearing all the hype, they’re going to want to know how bad it really is. I was tempted to find out for myself, but since I’m not a big fan of FPS games.. I’ll skip this one.