Just Grid It

Back in the day, I had one of those day planners. I kept everything in it. Business cards, coupons, appointments, you name it. Honestly, it didn’t work all that great because it didn’t bitch at me enough. I still never got to my appointments on time. I felt horrible because I was perpetually late to everything. The analog life was not for me. I didn’t find an organizer and life planner that really worked for me until I got my first cell phone with a calendar feature and now that I have an iPhone with Reminders, I get a lot more done than I ever did without it.

Organization isn’t just about keeping track of appointments and that’s something that you’ll become aware of when your kids get older and you’re realizing that you probably won’t stay in the house you raised them in because it’s just too big for you and your spouse to live in alone. I’ve found myself going through closets and storage areas and cleaning out the space under all the beds and discovering all kinds of things. First of all, this sort of house cleaning feels good. It’s like it’s helping you let go of the previous stage of your life so you can move on to the next one. It’s also great for trips down memory lane. I’ve cried over photo albums that I’d forgotten I had and I have stared at an item, wondering why on earth I’d kept it for so long. I’ve also had the joy of finding something that I knew had been lost years ago. As a result, I’m always on the look out for new things that might make my life easier and every now and then, something comes along that just blows me away with its endless possibilities. It’s usually something that speaks to the part of me that wishes I was one of those professional organizers that have a day time show on TLC.

Enter the Grid It:

I picked up the small version of the Grid It at the Apple Store for 20$ and it’s so small that it fits in my purse, but it packs a lot of organizing power. In the span of this rectangle, you can stow ten or so small items. It’s designed for bundling up your miscellaneous computer cables, but you can really stuff anything in it. Right now, mine has the following items stuffed in it: an iPod cable, my plugbug, a memory card reader, USB cable, spare earbuds, putty eraser, my Compass multipurpose stand, a screen cleaning cloth and, just because you never know when you’ll need them, a tin of mints. The possibilities are truly endless though! It’d be a great place to stow your keys so they don’t get lost in the bottom of your bag. I’ve joked about using it to organize my lip gloss collection. It’s got a nice little handle on it, so you could hang it on a wall as long as the items you stored on it weren’t too heavy. But the best part is that it’s easier to find in an oversized laptop bag than any of the items that you would store on it would be by themselves.

It seems like a gimmicky sort of thing when you look at it. I have to admit, I found myself wondering what I was going to use it for, until I sat down on my desk and saw all of this stuff laying around. I had cables tangled up in each other. I had cups with so much stuff in them that I actually lost my plug bug in one for a couple of months. I was about to order another one when I finally found it, hiding under my spare ear buds. Now, it’s tucked safely into my Grid It. The cables are carefully wrapped and everything’s neatly organized so that I can actually find my small accessories when I need them and they won’t get lost in a random cup or at the bottom of my cavernous laptop bag.

They make these organizers to fit all sorts of spaces. There’s one for your sun visor in your car. There’s another one that’s big enough that you could use it to organize your gadget drawer. They also make sleeves for your iPad or your Macbook, that have a Grid It organizer built into the outside.

It’s really nice to have a place to put all of these small accessories. Now I know that they won’t just fall off of a desk and land in the floor, only to get picked up by my dogs and be buried in the back yard. Anything that keeps my dogs from stealing items like this, makes my top ten list of must haves!