Katrina Round Up

There’s an excellent round-up of the goings on with Hurricane Katrina here.

I have to say, the whole fiasco has been scary to watch. At first I thought thousands of people died, and then we found out that so far, they’ve only found 500 dead. Then there was the thing with the buses, and if you don’t know about that.. well.. here. Then there was the whole thing with the governor not knowing that she had to specifically request military aid.

Even neater, if you read the articles on Bloomberg, the city will be fully open for business again by October 2. I think that’s a pretty fast turnaround if you ask me. I mean the worst possible thing that could have happened to the city, did happen.. and we’ve got a turnaround of just over a month to get the city back on its feet.

What was that about a slow response again?