Kerry Still In Reserves While Protesting War?

Well… this is an interesting tidbit that seems to be getting neglected by big media. Apparently John Kerry was still in the Naval Reserves when he was testifying before congress and protesting the war. Talk about conduct unbecoming of an officer…

Check it out for yourself, Kerry’s service records, posted on his own campaign site, clearly state that he was honorably discharged from the reserves in 1978. And yet his bio on the same site, tells us that he was honorably discharged from service in 1970. While this is not untrue, he was discharged from active duty, to the reserves in 1970.. it is not the whole truth.

How many more half-truths will Kerry tell us in years to come if elected? Given this information, it’s a valid question to ask yourself.

For more on this, check out the full story posted on Instapundit.