Kerry’s Political Pedestal of Vietnam

Ouch. (Link jacked from Instapundit.)

This woman makes an excellent point. Kerry, if they are lying, prove it. Release your war records and your journal to the public. The process is simple, and if you are telling the truth, could just save your ass.

What I’m curious about, is why he hasn’t released these records, if these vets are indeed lying, it would be the simplest way to exhonerate himself.

Truth is, Kerry made a big mistake when he chose to bank his campaign on his service in Vietnam. So far, we’re hearing a lot about Kerry, and a lot about his service records that don’t sound all that great. I’m still not hearing much about his plans for the future that are convincing me that he is the man to take us through the next four years. I’m not sure that Kerry has the balls to finish what we’ve started in order to have us living in a world free from terror.

Now is the time to liberate some nations, and show other cultures that yes, you can have your religion and your freedom to practice it too. Is Kerry the man to do that?

I don’t believe so. I just don’t feel that he’s strong enough in the willpower and patriotism department to make that happen. Bush is, and has proven himself to be. No, the President’s judgment calls have not always been what we would have liked, but they were the best judgment calls any of us could have made at the time.

I do feel.. that before we can pass judgment on either of these men, we must walk a mile in their shoes. From my perspective, Kerry is a career politician, who signed up for Vietnam to further his political desires. If he could admit that, I might have more respect for the man. He also returned from Vietnam, grandstanding on what people wanted to hear which helped launch his career in politics.

Good for him.

Is what’s good for John Kerry, what’s good for our country though and will he be able to keep the two separated?