Kurt Loder Lambasts Sicko!

This is a fantastic article with the most intelligent, thought out arguments about why people at large should take one look at Michael Moore’s films, and never bother to actually pick them up, let alone play them or heaven forbid, watch them.

I’ve seen more Michael Moore than I care to, and I never find myself walking away from his films feeling educated or enlightened. I always feel cheated… by the film, not by the subject matter. Moore is a showman who doesn’t understand and cannot relate to the needs of every day Americans because he’s too busy trying to re-create the success that was Bowling for Columbine. It was bad enough then that he was a parasite feeding on the hype of a tragedy that could have been prevented by parents and school officials simply taking notice of two troubled boys.

He’s just looking for another issue to suck dry… and the sad part is, people are paying him for it.

Read the article. Rather than just directly putting Moore down, as I have, Loder really makes an excellent point and backs them up well. You go Kurt.