Landmark Summit…

I just have a question…

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice urged Israel and the Palestinians to seize a “time of opportunity” as she pledged renewed U.S. commitment to Middle East peacemaking before the two sides’ landmark summit.

From this article on Reuters.

How many “landmark summits” do two groups need to have before they come to a compromise?

Now, my issue is of course, with the use of the term, “landmark summit” and not with the fact that they are having a summit. I do want to see peace between Israel and Palestine, but you would think that Reuters, along with other news outlets, would realize that they have been jumping the gun by using this particular term for years.

The signing of the treaty of Paris at the end of the Revolutionary war was a landmark summit. General Lee’s surrender during the civil war was a landmark summit. You can’t really call a summit a landmark summit until the outcome is clear and it actually “marks” something of significant historical impact.