Laptop Blues No More!

The geek squad guys rock!

I went to pick up my laptop today and asked about my missing ram chip. I didn’t have the receipt with me or anything, because I just stopped off on my way home from class… The geek squad manager went through a heck of a lot of rigamarole… but he replaced my ram chip for me today.

I promised them I would go fill out the survey and give them good marks for my customer service experience, and I have to say the guys at the store were just awesome. As soon as I get my antivirus and spybot and ad-aware back on my machine, I will do just that.

So far so good. They gave me a 60 gig hard drive to replace the 40. They didn’t say why it has a larger hard drive in it. They must have stopped making the 40 gig drive that fits in my laptop or something.

Regardless… I am very, very glad to have my laptop back and to have the repairs done and the guys at Best Buy were just awesome.

Even more than that though, I am sure that my husband is ten times more glad than I am. *giggle*