Laptop Blues

My laptop blew up around the first of the month. I took it to the store I’d purchased it from for repairs, and they sent it off to get checked. I got my laptop back yesterday, and this morning, after running the machine for two hours, it promptly blew up. What really got me, was when I pulled out my paperwork folder, I looked at the note that I’d written for the techs the first time around. The note was a verbatim copy of the blue screen that windows XP presented to me when it crashed, oh so spectacularly.

My machine gave me the exact same error this morning, down to the error identification number.

Needless to say, I was livid. I was so angry in fact, that I had to spend ten minutes pacing around the house and cursing before I could call my husband and leave a message on his voicemail to let him know what had happened. On top of this wonderful news, the brilliant, useful (note the sarcasm) techs at the store’s repair facility in Seattle stole my 512 meg ram chip out of my machine.

So, I called the computer/gadget/electronics store and told them my issue, and read them the error, then explained to the tech on the phone that the error I was experiencing was a hard drive related error, and that I had told the tech I dropped the machine off with that before it was sent out. The guy was nice. Whatever anyone says about the chain store in question, the staff at the Geek Squad rocks. He took my laptop and told me he would personally spend the day trying to kill the hard drive, then he would run all the diagnostics that the repair center should have run on my machine himself. He even called me back before he went home today to let me know that it was a hard drive failure and that the chain store would be replacing my hard drive and reinstalling windows XP for me and that all of this would be done in the store, it would not be going back to Seattle.

What really had me giggling though, was when I got there and I told him that they took my ram. He opened up the slot, then he turned around to his co-worker and said, “Dude! Check it out! They took her RAM!” The co-worker looked over at it and got this disgusted look on his face after he checked my receipt to make sure the machine was supposed to have the extra chip. Then he said, “We sent it to Seattle didn’t we? I’m giving them a call.”

So.. supposedly, my ram chip will be found, or replaced.

I am hopeful that I will have my laptop back tomorrow.