Late to Math

On purpose, no less. My stress over my math class has gotten so high that I yelled at my entire family between last night and this morning. I’m trying to convince myself to go to class over a bowl of frosted miniwheats and a can of diet dew, even though I am already 20 minutes late.

The math class just drives me insane. I am working my butt off for this class. I do homework every night until I am forced to take my contacts out and go to bed due to the eye-strain. I can’t take an hour out of my evening to make sure that my kids get their homework done, and I won’t bore you with how this is affecting my relationship with my husband. (Feel free to ask my husband if this is an exaggeration, he’ll tell you that it’s not.) Suffice it to say that other than Friday nights where I make a hole in my schedule for math, and Saturdays when one of the Dave’s runs their game… I have no life outside of math. In order to do my homework for speech class… I have to ditch math homework.

So.. I’m going through all this hell. I’m working my rear end off. I haven’t had time to blog except on days when I’ve had no choice but to stop looking at my math book. You’d think I’d be doing well in this class.

The sad fact is, I’m failing it. I scraped by in math 92 (which was the first half of this class) with a 2.0. I’m not doing any better with the 99 portion of the class. We had our first test for math 99 yesterday… I walked in there feeling confident, feeling like I understood the material… and I felt that way about the last test too. I’m afraid to go in there and find out how I did.

My husband has been helping me with my math, and with the things he helps me with I really understand them and I don’t miss those problems on the tests. It’s just that I seem to blow up everything else when I sit down to take an exam. I don’t think my instructor is a bad teacher. I really, really enjoy his class and his teaching method and I walk away from his lectures feeling comfortable with what was discussed. So.. I’m not really sure what’s going wrong.

So today.. my confidence is shot, even though I know I look gorgeous because my hair looks completely fabulous. I’m wearing the outfit I always get compliments on. I know that I just… look good today. This is not helping me get out the door and walk into my math class though.

So here it is. I’m half an hour late for class, by the time I get there, there will only be half an hour of class left (yes, it’s an hour and a half long math class that starts my day). Not much point in going to math now, but… I will go to speech and hopefully on Monday I can take a fresh look at things and maybe my score on the test wasn’t as bad as I think it is.

Can anyone explain parabole’s to me?