Letter to Miss Lucy After Bark for Life 2012

Dear Miss Lucy,

Took Jet to Bark for Life today. I didn’t think of you as much this year as I did last year, but last year, you’d just left me for Rainbow Bridge. I still missed you like crazy, particularly your beautiful leash walking skills, but Jet is starting to get to a place where his leash walking skills are almost as good as yours. Jet walked through crowds of strange dogs and kept his eyes on me. I was impressed with him, to say the least. We might just pass the CGC after the first try. Make sure you’re watching over us when we take the test. I’m sure that will bring us luck!

I wish I had a lot more to add, but I don’t. Just know that I still love you, always will, and that I miss you and that I will keep fighting every way that I can so that someday, we can kick cancer where it hurts. I know that you would still be here with me if cancer hadn’t cut our time short. So my wish, is that the money that was raised today helps us find a cure, or a better treatment. If it improves the chance that someone else doesn’t have to lose someone they love to this awful disease, then something good was accomplished today.

I hope Mugen is being a good boy. I know you are watching over him for me and I’m sure that takes up a lot of your time. I won’t waste any time telling you to be a good girl. I know that you’re just as perfect as you always were. Daddy, your kids and your aunts send their love.