Life Imitates Art: Vicious Duo of Grannies Murder 2

This is a heck of a thing. When I saw the headline on CNN, I immediately thought of Monty Python’s skit with images of vicious gangs of grannies who were burying people in piles of leaves in public parks, and badgering their grandchildren to make sure that they had plenty of balls of wool for their knitting.

These women were a little more ruthless. Apparently they befriended some homeless men and then took life insurance policies out on them, then got into a car that they stored in a garage and mowed the homeless men down so they could benefit from the insurance policy. The women are 73 and 75 years of age, and the picture on the page doesn’t look all that grandmotherly, she actually looks kind of scary with her 60’s big hair football helmet of death.

Death indeed…