Live Blogging: Tofu Snickerdoodles

9:29 pm. My gemini sister, Saeryph, and I decided to make Tofu Snickerdoodles. This is accomplished, in theory at least, by taking the betty crocker cookbook recipe for snickerdoodles, replace the “margarine” with Smart Balance and the “shortening” with silky Tofu. In theory…. it should work.

9:45 pm. With everything washed, preparation begins. My husband tries to help by breaking out the food processor. I thwart his plans by grabbing the pastry blender. The dough is prepped, all is well after a brief splash of egg beater on the counter from the initial stir in process. Prepare for rolling!

10:00 pm. The cookies have been rolled into balls coated in splenda and cinnamon. In theory, this should work! Into the oven they go!

10:10 pm. *sigh* The cookies didn’t melt and form a cookie shape. We ended up with Tofu Snickerdoodle balls that are not quite done in the middle. My husband suggested grabbing as spatula and squashing them. My gemini sister concurred, so squash away!

10:12 pm. The cookies went back into the oven and are about to come back out.

10:15 pm. The cookies are now out of the oven. My gemini sister and I are pretty sure that they’re done, but we’re not entirely sure what this means yet. More later as the story develops.

10:21 pm. They came out a bit cakey, and not very flat, but not horrible. My gemini sister somehow managed to pop the tab off her soda can and we had to spend a few minutes figuring out how to open it. It took a moment, but she managed it somehow. I got bored and left the room before she figured it out. Now we’re both back at our computers enjoying our time geeking, and wondering if we’re going to head back to the dough…

10:27 pm. My husband stepped in and took over dough rolling when my gemini sister and I couldn’t decide whether we wanted to go back to it. I stepped in and smashed the cookies into perfect rounds! 10 more minutes and we’ll know the verdict for sure with the second batch!

10:40 pm. The second batch is out of the oven and done. The verdict is in. They taste like snicker doodles, but aren’t *quite* the same. The cakey consistency makes them weird, and they’re actually not buttery, but the flavor is bang on. Experiment deemed a moderate success, given that we have agreed to change the name of the cookie to “Tofu Snickerdoodle”.

I’ll post pics if there are any cookies left in the morning.