LJ User Gets Visit from Secret Service

Annie’s Word To the Wise:

Just something of note. It is important that we all think about what we say and post on the internet. This is not the first time that someone has said something over the internet and had the secret service show up at their house.

The last experience I had with this, involved a 15 year old joking around in an IRC chat channel. He made a joke, in poor taste, about the president. The next day, the secret service was at his door. The very fact that they showed up scared the crap out of his mother and he was grounded from his computer for a month afterwards. One of the other participants in that chat was married to an officer in the sheriff’s dept in her county. She told us at the time, that you are required by law to report such incidents to the FBI if you are a witness to them and told him herself that she had to call them, and then did so.

Just for your general awareness, making threats on the president’s life is a violation of federal law, and in some circumstances can be considered an act of treason. Those who do these things, not even thinking twice about the consequences, often find themselves in Annie’s shoes.

I do feel that Annie meant no harm, and I appreciate her choice to raise awareness of this incident. I think we all have much to learn from her experience.