Lucy Smiles

I took Jet to a fundraiser for Canine Cancer research today which also provided our local NaNoWriMo group with an opportunity to hold a book and bake sale. Jet is a 9 month old black Labrador Retriever we adopted from the humane society last week. He has almost zero obedience training and is one hundred percent Lab puppy. He zooms, he swoops and he bounces.

I’m pretty sure that Jet thinks he can fly.

I had originally planned to take Mugen to this event, because I would have loved to have taken Lucy and walked around with her in her “I’m a Cancer Survivor” scarf from WSU. Unfortunately, she is no longer a cancer survivor. She is at rainbow bridge now, waiting for the day when we can see each other again. So, it seemed fitting somehow that Mugen, the puppy she raised for me, be the one to go. This was not to be. My husband threatened to send Jet to power an evil super villain’s secret lair if I left him behind today. Since I like Jet and wish to see his powers used only for good, he came with me.

I arrived a few minutes late because Jet escaped his road harness twice while I was driving down the road and insisted that he knew how to handle a MINI Cooper on a twisty road and I had to pull off to confine the little stinker once more. After the last time that he slipped the harness, I gave up and let him ride shotgun.

I finally got to the event and got Jet out of the car. I stopped as I got him out and had him pee. I turned my back to get stuff out of my car and Jet took off at a dead run when I did not have the best grip on the lead. So I dropped my purse and Jet’s necessities bag on the sidewalk and took after his skinny butt. I chased him into a cul de sac, where Jet realized I had awesome cookies and came running back to me and body slammed me in the chest, knocking the wind out of me with his 56 pounds of amazing wonder puppy. So I remembered Mugen’s puppy class and I took a deep breath and I made Jet sit and wait while I caught my breath and got past being angry with him for taking off because he did come back and that is a VERY good thing in a puppy this age. At this age, Mugen would have been in the next county.

I finally got Jet to the NaNoWriMo tent and this is where he spied Harry, Dana’s sweet Lab/blue heeler mix, whom I wish I could have taken home instead of Jet, and Jet immediately knocked over the cupcakes that August had busted her rear end to make straight into the fresh cut grass. I promised August I will find some way to reimburse her for Jet’s poor behavior. I wanted to explain that Jet is truly a force for good, but didn’t get the chance before Jet pulled me over to see Harry for real.

After the meet and greet, everything was okay. Harry liked Jet. Jet liked Harry. If we’d had a fence, we thought they would have played well together. The whole scene made me wish I hadn’t left the pet play yard at home– not that it has any ability to stop Jet from taking off like a bat out of hell, but a girl can dream, right?

So we sat down for a few, then August and I went for lunch/coffee while Samantha took care of Jet. I was grateful for the break from the troublemaker and didn’t care that there was a line at the coffee hut.

After coffee was acquired and lunch was had, we headed off to go listen to the ceremonies and the benediction and prayer and walked the circuit for canine cancer. I thought of Lucy the entire time. I thought about how much she would have loved this day, I mentioned it to August and she just smiled and said, “She’s here.” and of course, I felt the breeze hit my face the moment she said that and I knew that she was right. Lucy was there with us.

So Jet and I walked the circuit with Samantha and Harry, with Jet pulling me around the entire way back to the NaNo tent.

We sold some more cookies, we sold some more books. Things were going quite well!

That’s when I got stung by a wasp as I offered to take both dogs’ leashes so the gals could finish packing up the tent and ended up dropping both leads. Harry was an absolute angel and stayed put, but Jet took off across the park like someone had lit a fire under his behind. So after getting stung (thank god it was a wasp and not a bee!) I took off after Jet and several folks stepped in to help me catch him. We got him back to the sound of many cheers and had an EMT check out my sting to verify that I was having a normal sting reaction and not an allergic one.

And after all of that, Jet and I went home and I didn’t even bother putting him back in the road harness. I knew he would slip the thing once we got on the freeway, so I put him in shotgun and he ended up sleeping most of the way home.

I cannot tell you, there are not words to express it, how much I miss Lucy. Today was very, very hard because of that. I thought perhaps that Jet would keep me so busy that I didn’t think about her, but today, all the time, every moment, I felt like she was right there with us and Jet did keep me busy for sure.

I don’t know how it is that I was ready for Jet to be in my life so quickly. I don’t know how it is that I am finding myself smiling more than I’m frowning and laughing more than I’m crying. I can’t tell you how I’m getting through the day to day without Lucy here, but I can tell you that today she was looking down on us and I can tell you that she was smiling too.