Madly in Love With My Naked Zen!

The Naked Zen, as it is coming to be called around my house, has been loaded up with some music. Most of it is stuff I’ve been meaning to listen to, but hadn’t gotten around to listening to. On that list are the following bands: My Chemical Romance, Harvey Danger, Howie Day, James Blunt and Ryan Cabrera.

Just a brief review here, Harvey Danger is really interesting and unique. I referenced them on my blog a while back. They are the band that released their album, “Little by Little” via BitTorrent, as an experiment. They are heavily influenced by several 60’s greats.. and their lead vocalist sounds, at times, like Ozzy Osbourne. Now, on the surface this seems like a bad combination, but it’s actually very cool. I’m enjoying them. As soon as I finish the album, I’ll have to pick it up from them. Howie Day, known for “Collide”, has a good mix of tunes on the album, “Stop All The World”. Damn good stuff. My Chemical Romance is two discs worth of witty, clever and sometimes funny songs. I’m not sure I like them as much as the first two bands, but they are definitely worthy of a listen.

Aside from all that, the more I listen to the nakedzen, the more I love it. Real stereo sound… and all sorts of… well.. cool stuff! Making playlists is easy.. doing just about everything with it is easy. It’s an incredibly user friendly piece of equipment, it’s small, it’s highly portable. What’s not to love?

Hopefully later, hubby and I will put together a way for me to port my playlist over to a sidebar on my blog, so you can see what I am listening to on a semi-daily basis.