Math Stuff

So.. I’m taking this math class, and I’m in way over my head. In the past five days, he’s assigned 8 sections of homework, plus 2 sections out of the factoring packet. That’s approximately 350 equations to solve. He would prefer us to get sections done the night he assigns them, but if we can’t do that, he suggests doing a portion of each section so you can ask questions in class the next day. I have been doing the latter. It’s killing me.

I have been working on this homework for an average of four to six hours a night. Last night, I worked on it for five hours, and I’m still not finished. After I went to bed, I started seeing the various forms of linear equations, (point slope, slope intercept, vertical, horizontal… etc..) on lined, college-ruled notebook paper… in my sleep. For two nights in a row, I have dreamt about doing algebra homework.

I think… I’m going to crack.

And.. I caught my friends’ daughter’s cold the other day when I went to their house. If I’d known she was sick, I wouldn’t have gone. My stress level is so high that I’ve been avoiding sick people and places because your immune system goes to hell when you’re stressed. The good news is, their munchkin is better and I got to see tsykoduk and his wonderful family for the first time since I dyed my hair blonde, (I can’t even remember what I look like without blonde hair anymore, I think I might have had a perm then too, and tsykoduk had a different wife o_o) and I had a lot of fun at the summer wake. The bad news is, I don’t bounce back as quickly as four-year-olds do. This has hung on to my lungs for two days now, and no amount of dayquil is putting a stop to it.

In short, life sucks. I’ll blog when I have time in between homework assignments, or when I’m ditching them.. like right now. *chuckle*

Update: I failed to mention this, but it is very worthy of note. Since the quarter started, my husband has been going nuts with all this homework and stuff. He only recently discovered how long it takes me to solve an algebra problem and is only now gaining an understanding of just how hard this quarter has been so far because of this class. We now agree that I probably shouldn’t have signed up for a combined 10 credit math class this quarter, but now that the add/drop date has passed, I’m going to have to get through it. So he’s been teaching me the math I don’t understand when I walk out of the classroom for the last week. It’s been a huge help because when I get done, it makes sense and I can actually repeat the process when I see it in another problem. If you see my hubby around, you should pat him on the back. Teaching me math is a very, very hard thing to do.

Updated Update: OMG! WTF! I actually caught up on my math homework! I finished chapter 7 tonight, and we were just assigned the first section of chapter 8 today! There is a light at the end of the tunnel! Just one problem… now I have to figure out what my topic is for my speech to actuate. *groan*