Miller’s Speech.

If you missed it, there’s video here.

Zell Miller gave us a highly energetic, passionate and powerful speech at the GOP convention last night. My God was it a thing of beauty.

I was moved by his anger and frustration at his own party for not avoiding playing the partisan games. I also agree that it is unfair to make National Security a campaign issue. National Security that should be above question in a presidential campaign. Sure, Bush is doing one thing, Kerry will handle it another way and we have no idea what national security issues Kerry will face as president, though I suspect that Mr. Justus and Bill are right. Terrorists will test his mettle should he be elected.

Zell Miller also apparently shot down Chris Matthews… hard in an interview on MSNBC. And it seems it was deserved. Matthews attacked Miller, and refused to let him finish answering questions… and Matthews has become notorious for such behavior.

Watch the speech… see for yourself what this man has to say, and just… ask yourself if his perspective doesn’t line up with your own. Don’t you suddenly wish that Zell Miller was your senator?