Moore Slams Goss

And we give a shit what he thinks because?

Hello! You’re a fucking film-maker! I don’t give a shit what you have to say about politics, because it’s just an opinion! When you’re holding an office that impacts someone beyond your two next door neighbors and their three goats, give me a call.

Until then Mr. Moore… shut the hell up.

That much aside… has anyone ever seen a “nope can’t do it” whiner larger than Mr. Moore himself? I mean come on. The guy slams so and so and slams so and so else.. some of these people are well respected in their respective fields, Pete Townshend comes to mind.

I mean look at this guy. He complains that you can’t be a millionaire in America unless you’re born into it, and then what does he do? This man from the bass ackwards shit hole of Flint MI, who went to elementary school in the projects… goes and makes himself a millionaire, all the while complaining that “The man is getting him down.” Oh come on. If I made myself a millionaire, I sure as hell wouldn’t be whining about it.

Get over yourself for crying out loud. If you don’t think the man can do the job, why don’t you suggest someone who can do the job? You seem to know so much about who can’t, start telling me who can.