More BS on Global Warming

Evidence of Link to GreenHouse Gases?

I don’t think so. The study measured ocean temperatures. Great. What does that have to do with the emission of greenhouse gases? Where is the link between the rise in ocean temperatures and green house gas emissions? How can you possibly prove such a link by simply studying the temperature of the world’s oceans? How about studying changes in the composition of seawater to see if these gasses are saturating the world’s oceans, changing the salinity of the water, causing the temperatures of the oceans to rise as a result? Got proof of that?

No. You just have a study that says that those temperatures are on the rise. Good to know. That’s important to the health and well-being of coral reefs and other oceanic ecosystems. But, it still doesn’t say jack about green house gas emissions and how they are connected to that rise in temperature.

I am more than willing to believe that human-beings can have an impact on the environment. I am also more than willing to believe that air pollution has an impact on our world, but I am unwilling to take what is said to me about the greenhouse effect on faith. This planet has already lived through one greenhouse era, that was not manmade in origin, or did anyone forget the Dinosaur age when Montana and Canada supported palm trees and ferns?

Until you can prove a conclusive, scientific link between the gasses themselves and the effects, there is no evidence that the effects are not a natural state of the planet. It does absolutely no good to study an effect without determining the cause.