More on Roberts

I am surprised, pleasantly so, but still surprised.

Patty Murray voted in favor of confirming John Roberts as chief Justice of SCOTUS. This is contrary to what most of us would think of her, but I believe this statement says it all:

“I have concluded that Judge Roberts is a decent person with keen intellect and high ethical standards. I believe he does know the difference between the role of advocacy, which he has held in the past, and the role of judge. I think he has the capacity to be fair, and I think he aims to serve all of the American people.”

This statement gives me hope that the democrats will get back in touch with the country and start taking on issues that are more center of left, than left of left. However, I must admit that the amount of hope I have in that idea is infinitesimal compared to the amount of hope I have that Roberts was the right choice. In either event, both are sad states of affairs as I was not all that fond of Roberts to start off with.