More on Terri Schiavo

House leaders find a compromise in Schiavo case; Senate up next

I just have one question here, and this seems to be the one thing that no one in the political arena has bothered to ask or even voice.

What catholic in their right might would tell their devoutly catholic parents that, if they ever went into a coma, or became incapcitated in such a way that their quality of life was zilch, they wanted to die?

That goes against the core of catholic belief. No good catholic would ever say such a thing aloud to their parents or their priest. It’s a sin.

Since it’s been made clear in this case that the Schindlers are devout catholics, and that Terry’s husband was not, and neither was she.. who are they to say what their daughter wanted? How are they to know her better than her husband? Why in the world would a non-practicing catholic ever discuss something like this with someone dear to them, when they know they have a conflicting point of view?

All this case illustrates to me, is the need for EVERYONE to fill out a living will. There are forms for filling them out online. All you have to do to make it legal, is get it notarized. That’s it.

That said, I do still feel for the Schindlers, but the time has come for her to be let go. There was NEVER a valid reason for Congress to step into this. There was never a valid reason for this to go anywhere beyond the court system. There has never been a valid need for national legislation on this subject.

The reason why I feel for the Schindlers right now is twofold. It is the hardest thing in the world to lose a child. You expect your children to outlive you, you expect that you will be the one to go first. I cannot imagine the pain and anguish that they are living through right now, I can only empathize. But the other reason is… I feel pity for them. If their daughter had just left a living will, none of this would have ever been the subject for debate.