Moveon’s Failure to Moveon again…

This time, it’s Alberto Gonzales.

The contents of the email moveon is sending around this time:

“I hate to start the New Year with bad news, but the Senate is about to consider Alberto Gonzales’ nomination to become Attorney General, replacing John Ashcroft. Gonzales is the White House counsel notorious for opening the door to torture at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay prisons. Senators should view the Gonzales nomination very skeptically, given this radical history. As part of the upcoming hearings, we can call on Senators to ask Gonzales to unequivocally renounce torture as an instrument of American policy. Join me in asking Gonzales and Senators to prohibit torture by clicking here.”

So… I get this email and I read the above linked article, and then I read the following words from the Seattle PI:

“Sickened. Outraged. Deeply troubled. Alberto Gonzales used those words Thursday in an effort to persuade skeptical senators that neither he nor President Bush condoned torture.”

So.. where’s the radical behavior here? I mean… there are a lot of quotes from Gonzales in the SPI article. I do not see a radical man, with radical thoughts or behavior. I see a man who wanted answers to questions. I see a man who wanted to know where the president should legally draw the line.

I have no problem with Gonzales’s appointment. At least this man checks his facts before going to press with them.