My Deal with iTunes, Rhapsody and SonyConnect

These guys think they have a good idea.

I disagree.

The problem for me is actually the entire online subscription service business model. I am not a CD slut. I don’t own a wall full of music, just a handful of carefully chosen tunes (many of which are simply not in English). Subscribing to a service to be able to download music is silly when I have only ever bought maybe a max of four CDs per year. I don’t want to pay 10-20$ a month for a service I will only rarely use. I’d rather pay 20$ a year for the one or two CDs I will buy and get it over with. The digial peddlers don’t have me in mind yet. I’m unconcerned, when they do then I’ll do business with them. Until then, paying any amount of money for music that isn’t on a physical disc isn’t worth it to me, but when I am buying digital music, I don’t see much point in paying more than a buck a song. A buck a song should be the maximum anyone pays IMO.

Now to go track down a person in the cafe that will brew me a pot of coffee and not charge me for the cups I won’t use!