My Exciting Morning

Dave@Justus for All has the details, but let me give you a basic rundown.

Early this morning, a chick called 911 and said her ex-boyfriend was threatening to kill himself, she called back 22 minutes later to say that he said he would shoot at the police if they came. The police showed up, guess what happened?

The man opened fire on the officers surrounding his home, and in the end shot himself.

What’s news about this? It happened about ten minutes from my house. My husband and friends were unable to go to work because the stand-off was taking place across the street from their place of employment, and Dave was trapped at work unable to leave. I guess it just goes to show that you should never get to work too early.

So I guess you’re wondering why I thought this was exciting.

It was exciting, largely due to the major pain in the backside it caused for me today. I had to take an alternative route to get to class because, when I left, the news was reporting that the on and off ramps closest to my house were closed, along with everything south of them. All the other on-ramps are south of where closure was. There was no way for me to leave but to take the long way, and I had never gone this way to class before. So.. I get out there, I’m driving along looking for the street I need to turn on to get to class.. and somehow ended up coming back in a huge circle going the opposite direction I started out in and it was 10:30, right when class started. So I made a break for downtown, took the death chute and made it to class 15 minutes late.

When I got to class, we went through our day and as I went to leave I talked to a friend who’s in class with me, and also lives close to the scene of the crime. He left early enough that he had no idea what was going on, but my instructor did and we spent a good ten minutes discussing what was happening. I went outside and killed some time between the end of my first class and the start of my astronomy test, and Karl and I talked for a few. He said, in what I think are pretty close to his words, “That poor bastard is either going to get shot by the police, or end up killing himself.” He was right.

Getting home was a piece of cake. Things had been quiet for a while before I left to head home, but my mind is still on the safety of my son who attends middle school not too far away from where the stand-off took place.

In the end, everyone I was worried about, DaveJ and my son and all of my friends that work in that building are okay. That’s the important thing to me.

I feel bad for the shooter’s family tonight, but they really need to remember that he was the man that put the bullet in his head. The cops didn’t do it for him.