My New Macbook.


As you all know, I’ve been wanting one of these things for a while.

This will be my first blog post from my new macbook and here are just a few first impressions.

1. There is nothing here that does not need to be here and I seriously love that.

2. Learning curve was not that hard. Yeah I had to figure out a new OS, but once I figured out how to install software, everything else was ridiculously easy and even installing software was easy. I do have to keep reminding myself that the x button does not really close the program. One must command q or go to the title bar and quit the program through the file menu, but that’s not a big stretch.

3. I love this keyboard. I got the 13″ macbook and I am coming to it from a 15.4 widescreen HP laptop… and I had no trouble typing on it, I have had no adjustment period. My typing just sort of goes. I will say though, that because my acrylic nails have destroyed more than one keyboard, I am getting a silicone cover for the keyboard on my macbook… that and I tend to eat Thomas’s Everything Bagels over my keyboard in the mornings and I’m not sure that poppyseeds and electronics go well together.

4. I love expose. Who the hell needs a taskbar when you have expose?

5. All of my freeware apps that I used on the PC are here. I am currently running with vlc media player, firefox, open office, gimp… the only thing I left behind was pidgin and I replaced it with adium, which I like a lot.

6. My GOD this thing is light and tiny! I LOVE that. I feel so… strange not having to sling this thing around in a giant back pack that is sure to injure someone seriously if I were to sling it the wrong way. It’s fantastic! I am looking forward to my first outing with it this week when I head to starbucks to write. That is.. if there is any available seating at Starbucks this week.. we shall see.