My Ten Essential iPhone Apps

Well… it had to happen sooner or later. I think I have posted one of these before, but it needs an update and I have a few folks on twitter asking me the question: What are your favorite apps?

Well, here they are. These are the apps I can’t live without. Post yours in the comments! I’m always interested in looking for a new app!

1. Twittelator Pro

I used the free version of twittelator for a long time and I really haven’t found anything in terms of iPhone software that is as quick and easy to use, isn’t a slow loading space hog that’s bogged down with ads and what have you and I love that I can customize this app to look differently depending on my mood or to make it easier to read in certain room lighting. Not a single day goes by that I don’t open and use Twittelator on my iPhone. When I realized that I hit that point, I bought the app. It was worth it. Now, I just wish that Big Stone would make a Twittelator app for Snow Leopard. That would make my day.

2. Facebook

I open the facebook app more often than I actually log into the web page and check my facebook page. If you see me updating facebook, it’s almost always via my iPhone. The latest version of the app fixes a lot of previous bugs and is really nice to use. While not perfect, it’s way better than it was before. Definitely worth the free download if you use facebook at all.

3. Ping!

I use Ping! all the freakin’ time. Hubby and I both have iPhones. A couple of friends of mine have iPhones and what Ping allows us to do is have a similar support for “blackberry messenger service” on the iPhone without having to have a freakin’ blackberry. I love it. 3rd most used app on my phone. We ended up paying for it because really, there should be a free messaging service for iPhone users. Don’t you agree?

5. Now Playing

I didn’t use to use this app very much… until they added support for you to log into your netflix account and add stuff to your netflix queue on the fly. Now… I have that sucker open at least once a week checking for new releases and new stuff to add to my instant queue for netflix. It’s also super handy to have when you’re out with the gals and want to go see a movie, but have no idea what’s playing because it pulls up local theater listings for you! This… to me, has been the ultimate “There’s an app for that” app!

6. Air Sharing.

Wanna use your iPhone as a document storage device? Then you need this app. Air Sharing not only allows you to store document files, but it also allows you to read them while you’re on the go! I got lucky and got in on this app during a promotional period when it was free, but I promise you this app is worth its weight in gold.

7. Photoshop Mobile.

Photoshop Mobile does exactly what I need it to do. It takes crappy iPhone pictures and makes them not so crappy! Then I can save them back to my phone and upload them to my Flickr page using the Flickr app!

8. Kindle.

Now… I own a kindle, but having Kindle app on my iPhone is completely awesome because it syncs between my actual kindle device and the app on my kindle so I never forget my book at home! I can sync it to the exact place where I stopped reading previously on my kindle when I’m on the go. If you don’t have a Kindle, you don’t need one! Kindle app is free on the App Store and you can use it to start downloading Kindle format books from right away! Too easy and too fabulous. I love Kindle app.

9. Pandora Radio.

Pandora Radio saved us from road trip hell this summer when we drove across the state. There’s a patch of Washington where you don’t get radio signal for oh… about two hours… and after a while, your CDs can get kind of boring, or worse, your kids hate your playlists that are already on your iPhone. With Pandora Radio in your pocket though, you don’t NEED a real radio to enjoy some great tunes! My testament to the awesomeness of this app is that even if you don’t have 3G service, it DOES work on Edge. So as long as you have cell signal, you have fresh new tunes.

10. Pocket God

If you own an iPhone, you must own this App. Pocket God is about as cute as it gets and it’s a really great way to kill time in a waiting room when you have nothing better to do and don’t happen to want to listen to music or buy a fresh book from Pocket God has spawned many new sports in the geek world such as Pygmy Bowling, Pygmy Tossing, Pygmy Potty Queuing for Advanced Queuers and much, much more. If you own only one game for your iPhone, Pocket God should be that game.