New Year’s Resolution

Given all of the weird dog related events in my life in the last month, I have decided that I need to make some resolutions for the coming new year. It has become apparent to me that my husband really wants a second dog in the house, in spite of the fact that our current dog is older and is experiencing some pain due to arthritis and chronic ear infections. So… this might end up being largely… dog related.

1. I will not bring home a pet without first discussing it with my family and further educating myself on the behaviors of said pet.
2. I will not compromise on the situation that will make me most comfortable with bringing a second pet into our home.
3. I will graduate with my associate’s degree in communications this year. (not hard)
4. I will write a novel and I will start writing in April.
5. I will endeavor to be more appreciative and supportive of the people around me.
6. I will work on remembering things that people tell me with a bit more accuracy.
7. I will buy less anime.

7 is a lucky number. Happy New Year to one and all!