Nicholas Berg

I haven’t blogged on this topic. I won’t be linking to any articles here, in fact, I have specifically avoided linking to articles, and I admit that what I have learned about this sad, horrible story, has been entirely from comments posted on Instapundit. I haven’t wanted to see the video or horrible photos, so I haven’t clicked through on any of the links on the news sites. I think, I know enough without needing the visual imagery.

Here’s what I have to say:

I am… deeply saddened by what happened to Nick Berg. I am also horrified that news agencies all over the globe have actually aired the footage of his death. Isn’t it enough to know that he was tortured and decapitated on video tape? Isn’t it enough to understand that he is gone, and that what happened to him goes so far beyond the realm of morality and reason that no human being should ever be able to adequately define it?

To Mr. Berg’s family… I regret what has happened to your son. You have my most heartfelt condolences. I know, it’s not much more than lip service, but in situations like this, sometimes there isn’t much more you can do.

Also… to Mr. Berg’s family: I do not regret the reasons that your son chose to go to Iraq. I do not regret the war. I will never regret the ideals behind the war, poorly executed or not. The Iraqi people deserve to be free, even if it will take them twenty years to come to terms with what they’ve got, they deserve the chance to have it.

If we can give them that chance, it will be so much more for them than anyone else has ever been able or even willing to do. I refuse to let this beautiful culture die a horrible death at the hands of a maniac, even if it is a culture that I can’t begin to understand.

We have made mistakes in Iraq, I will never say that it has been perfect, but I will never, ever say that going there in the first place was wrong. It wasn’t.

There has to come a point in the human story where we say that we, as a species, will no longer tolerate those who are willing to contribute to our self-destruction. A day has to come when the entire world stands up and says, “I will not allow you to kill any more!”

Maybe the world isn’t ready for it yet, but I see Iraq and Afghanistan as the first steps toward a world where tyranny will never be tolerated, no matter what the cost. We never should have tolerated it… we never should have supported it. To go on with our lives, as though it didn’t exist, and to believe that there was nothing we could do… is perhaps the most irresponsible and horrible of all human crimes.

Do not sit by and let your son’s death be what the terrorists wanted it to be. Don’t let it be shock value for the American public. Don’t let it frighten you into believing what they want you to believe. Don’t fall into that most horrible pit of apathy.

Fight back.