O’Connor’s Retirement

This was a bit unexpected.

I’d read reports that Rehnquist was going to retire, I’d never heard anything about Sandra O’Connor retiring, though I suppose it must be time. I remember how amazing it was that we had a woman sitting on the supreme court. The first woman, wow. It’s kinda cool don’t you think? I mean, here the rest of us women are, just looking around for someone to look up to that doesn’t have their T&A hanging out on a television screen, and along comes Sandra O’Connor, then Ruth Bader Ginsberg came later. Wow… what role models. These women are intelligent, they are confident, they represent everything that the cult of domesticity says women should not be.

Now, Condi Rice. What an amazing woman to have as an example for my daughter to look up to. Not only does she dress well, but she’s intelligent, she’s well-spoken and she’s the National Security Advisor to the President of the United States. Best of all, she doesn’t have her T&A factor hanging out for the whole world to see, she doesn’t need to. She dresses well enough that such things are unnecessary for a woman of her stature.

The world really is changing. It’s a beautiful thing, don’t you think?