Oh Good Christ..

Some swift vets leave Bush Campaign.

And Kerry is still pitching a fit.

I still say, the solution to all of this madness is simple. If the swift vets are lying, then release your complete military records and your private journal of your adventures in Vietnam to really state your case. Until you do so John Kerry, the swiftvets words will continue to plant a seed of doubt about you in the minds of voters. It is too late to shut them down now. Particularly when their book is on the shelves at Barnes and Noble. Most people will at least stop to read the back cover.

It’s already too late to drown out their voice. The only thing you can do now to prove your claims that their accusations are false and misleading… is to pony up with your records and prove them wrong once and for all. Once they see documents from the US Navy to the contrary, then the populace will make their minds up about the swiftvets… and not before.

Personally, I think the Kerry campaign has not released these records because there is some truth to what the swiftvets have to say. Perhaps not the whole truth, but certainly some truth, and those truths… must be very scary because the Kerry campaign cannot counter them with proof. Hence… the reason why they have not produced it.

I do hope that the election campaign commission forces Kerry to produce proof that their statements are false. That should be highly entertaining and fun for the whole family.