Our Government Dropped the Ball on the Boston Bombings

The Boston Marathon Bombers were Chechen Muslim immigrants that may, or may not, have had links to terrorist groups.

I do not care that they were Chechen.

I do not care that they were Muslim.

I do not care that they were immigrants.

Those are not the issues and don’t for one second assume that because I voted for the other guy, that I give a damn about those petty issues.

This is what I actually care about:

My government dropped the damned ball on throwing the older brother, likely the one who drug his younger brother through this entire mess, out of our country. He was charged with domestic violence in 2009. He should have, and could have, been deported then. Mainstream Media has not picked this up, only local news in Boston, which is annoying, and now, the lunatic reports are jumping all over it. Why the MSM isn’t reporting on this, I don’t know. I kind of thought pointing out our government’s flaws was the job of the media but then, I’ve had a lot of ideas about what our media should be doing that appear to be wrong.

The kids’ mother, who wasn’t even in the effing country knew that her elder son had gotten sucked into ‘religious politics’ and DHS, whose job it is to know these things about people, had no clue. What the hell do we have DHS for if they aren’t doing their job? I know that not all who practice any religion, are lunatics. But the lunatics are out there. We know this. We should be watching the lunatics, closely. The government seems to want to get its hands on all of my data, and I’m a married mother of two that’s about to enter mid-life and I’ve only ever had one, okay, two, speeding tickets. I’ve never been arrested for beating the shit out of my spouse and I do not attend secret meetings that I don’t want the government to know about. I’m not saying persecute the guy at church, but if his mother knew something was odd about the group he was hanging out with, why didn’t DHS know that too? They should have at least had a file on this guy and been flagging his purchases of items like fertilizer.

In 2011, this same elder brother was interviewed by the FBI at the request of a foreign government because they suspected that he had ties with a terrorist group. The FBI dropped the investigation, citing lack of information. Seriously!? Clearly, there is some kind of connection with this older brother to some kind of something. I know that hindsight is 20/20, but the FBI and DHS are supposed to make it their mission to know this stuff before we have to rely on hindsight.

I applaud the men and women that brought the suspect in and I applaud Boston PD for bringing him alive, which I did not believe they could, or would do, I applaud the first responders who aided the victims and I thank the people of Boston for showing the world an excellent example of what TO do during a manhunt. I also applaud the members of the FBI that must have spent three days watching traffic cam videos and cell phone video and looking through still shots to ID the suspects. You guys are the shiz.

But the FBI agents that are supposed to be responsible for dealing with people like this before they become a problem, and DHS? They failed their freaking final exam. They failed the city of Boston. They failed their country. Someone should lose their damned job over this and the investigation should be very public.

We should be angry about that, not about all the other dumb crap that the pundits are spewing back and forth across the blogosphere. (Yes, I am aware of the irony here.)

I don’t care who immigrates here. Come on in. But if you’re gonna stay, don’t blow up my freaking country and be prepared for me to want to toss your ass out if you beat up your girlfriend. I am gonna hold you to a higher standard than I hold someone who was born here to. I’m not going to apologize for that. You want to live here, you’re gonna have to earn that and I guarantee you that the process would be even more difficult for me if I tried to do the same thing in the country you were born in. Some of those countries wouldn’t even let me in, simply because I’m a white chick. So, give us a reason to be proud that we opened our doors to you. Don’t make us regret it, like this guy in Boston did.