O’Connor’s Retirement

This was a bit unexpected.

I’d read reports that Rehnquist was going to retire, I’d never heard anything about Sandra O’Connor retiring, though I suppose it must be time. I remember how amazing it was that we had a woman sitting on the supreme court. The first woman, wow. It’s kinda cool don’t you think? I mean, here the rest of us women are, just looking around for someone to look up to that doesn’t have their T&A hanging out on a television screen, and along comes Sandra O’Connor, then Ruth Bader Ginsberg came later. Wow… what role models. These women are intelligent, they are confident, they represent everything that the cult of domesticity says women should not be.

Now, Condi Rice. What an amazing woman to have as an example for my daughter to look up to. Not only does she dress well, but she’s intelligent, she’s well-spoken and she’s the National Security Advisor to the President of the United States.… [Read More]

Spain Legalizes Gay Marriage

Isn’t it grande?

I disagree with my husband on the subject of gay marriage. It’s not that he doesn’t support gay marriage, it’s that he doesn’t think it should be called marriage because marriage is a religious union, not necessarily a legally recognized one.

I think that marriage has become less about faith, and more about the couples involved. Many of the gay couples I have known and know in my life are committed to each other and are far more attentive to their partner’s needs than most of the heterosexual couples I know. I don’t necessarily believe that there is a reason for this, and I doubt you could find a statistic to back it up, but this is my experience with it.

I am having a hard time, finding the words to describe what I feel in terms of gay relationships. I didn’t choose a gay relationship for myself or my kids (in my case, I feel that it’s a choice because it doesn’t matter to me whether someone I love is a man or a woman), but I did choose a loving relationship.… [Read More]

Reactions to Bush’s Speech

This is a delayed response, but I think it’s necessary. Due to this story, via Powerline.

I didn’t get the chance to watch Bush’s speech, but I did read the transcript. Given his reports and this good news coming out of Iraq, I think what Bush had to say is bang on. (Link via Instapundit) My thoughts on this are furthered by this survey in which only one in eight Americans apparently favor an immediate pullout of our troops in Iraq.

What this tells me, is that the news media has lost interest in printing the facts and ensuring that those facts are at the fingertips of the public. The people support our men and women who are fighting in Iraq. The people believe that what we are going about our business in Iraq in the correct way. The media doesn’t care. This information can only be found via the blogosphere, or buried twelve layers deep in the pages of a newspaper.… [Read More]

Your Rights.

The last week has seen a torrent of invasions on the rights of Americans, all handed down by SCOTUS. Tsykoduk made a wonderful comment to that end on Justus For All” “It’s been a bad week for freedoms.”

And boy is he right. Here’s a brief round-up.

The rights of homeowners have just become moot. Rather than being able to be safe and secure in our homes, our local governments now have the right to take our homes and give them to private corporations.

The Sony betamax ruling which held that devices that had the potential to be used for piracy could be legally manufactured, providing there were legitimate uses for the device, has been overturned by SCOTUS.

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, your VCRs, and DVDRs have just become illegal, unless you can clearly prove an abundance of legitimate uses for your device and show that you had no idea that the device in question could be used for piracy.… [Read More]