• Traditional Ideas of Literature and Discrimination in the Contemporary World

    Today in my women writers class, our instructor posed a question for us. I’ll attempt to quote her as best as I can here, “What is the difference between literature and crap? There are a lot of people that would argue to you that what we are reading in this...

  • Forceful Issues for Episode III

    Top ten plot holes Lucas must resolve. Interesting reading this, but I have to wonder at the author’s estimations that Lucas will explain the sudden appearance of midichlorians and the conception of Darth Christ.

  • The rule of their, there and they’re.

    This is a nit picky little grammar thing that bugs me, so I thought I would share a sentence to help people remember which one is correct. Their stuff is over there and they’re taking it to the beach. their is the possessive form of “they”. there is most commonly...

  • World’s Hottest Chili Sauce

    And it even comes with a disclaimer that you have to sign. Apparently, in order to be able to consume the stuff, you have to sign a release saying that you will handle the sauce with the appropriate specialist equipment… Scary.

  • Just when you thought all the news was bad..

    Trust CNN to make the story sound like some horrid nightmare. I’m sure it was scary for these two kids, but they have a positive story to tell and a positive message to send.