The rule of their, there and they’re.

This is a nit picky little grammar thing that bugs me, so I thought I would share a sentence to help people remember which one is correct.

Their stuff is over there and they’re taking it to the beach.

their is the possessive form of “they”.
there is most commonly used as a noun to point out a location, but can also be used as an adverb, adjective, pronoun or interjection.
they’re is a contraction for “they are”.

Just a note for those who are confused.… [Read More]

News From the Random

Okay.. so some personal tidbits and some newsworthy tidbits, and the usual randomness that is me.

Hubby’s boss is a wonderful woman. She was cleaning out her desk and found some empty round altoids tins. For you PSP owners out there, these things are the perfect carrying case for UMDs. She donated them to my cause. Thank you Ginger!

My son has had a heck of a school year. First, he gets in trouble for peeing on a tree, then he managed to somehow rip his underwear without ripping his pants the other day. I had to transport fresh skivvies to him before the day was through and now, I get to have a meeting with several people at school about my son writing the “F” word on the back of a piece of his homework. It’s just not his year IMO. I swear the kid is going to have a complex about cursing and other things that involve his private bits for the rest of his life.… [Read More]