Pre-teen Goes to Jail for Complicity?

It’s whacked IMO.

So, there you are. You’re 12 years old. Your friend is stabbing another friend to death in front of you.

What do you do?

I cannot believe they are sending this child to jail for 14 years because he was too scared to run away from where a murder was taking place. Seeing a murder happen in front of you like that.. Jesus. What does that do to your psyche at any age?

Now.. there’s probably more to this story than what has been posted on this site, but if there isn’t… I’m very disappointed in our justice system.… [Read More]

My Exciting Morning

Dave@Justus for All has the details, but let me give you a basic rundown.

Early this morning, a chick called 911 and said her ex-boyfriend was threatening to kill himself, she called back 22 minutes later to say that he said he would shoot at the police if they came. The police showed up, guess what happened?

The man opened fire on the officers surrounding his home, and in the end shot himself.

What’s news about this? It happened about ten minutes from my house. My husband and friends were unable to go to work because the stand-off was taking place across the street from their place of employment, and Dave was trapped at work unable to leave. I guess it just goes to show that you should never get to work too early.

So I guess you’re wondering why I thought this was exciting.

It was exciting, largely due to the major pain in the backside it caused for me today.… [Read More]

5 things

I have been tagged. Thanks to Dave@JustusForAll for tagging me.

Here they are, five things that people with whom I generally associate think are really cool, but that leave me cold.

I want to preface this by saying that I actually had a very hard time coming up with these five things. I guess that goes to show something about my friends and the kind of people they are, and how great I think they all are.

1. Minivans and SUV’s. I don’t understand it. What is the purpose of owning one of these vehicles for anything other than what they were designed for? If you don’t take your SUV off-road, why do you own the thing? If you have less than three children, why do you need a vehicle that seats 8, as opposed to just getting a station wagon? I will never understand the trend with these things and do not plan to partake in said trend.… [Read More]

Feeling the burn..

.. in more ways than one.

Today I began lifting weights again. I’ve been feeling like crap and my summer clothes don’t fit right. I hope I can take off enough weight by the time I really need the summer clothes. I’m not feeling the burn so much from that though, I did some stretches and then some extra stretches to make sure I wouldn’t be in pain in the morning.

The real burn is from my own stupid mistakes. I let myself get behind in astronomy. This is what happens when you take telecourses alongside classroom courses. The classroom courses get the priority because the telecourse stuff can always be done, “later”. The trouble comes when you fail to define exactly when “later” is.

I now have two days before the first exam, and I let myself get behind on three whole chapters out of the four that will be on the test.… [Read More]