A New Pontiff!

So.. we’ve got a new pope. Benedict XVI. The pope formerly known as Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger. The second non-italian pope in 450 years. According to Nostradamus, he’s only supposed to preside for seven months, then he’ll die of natural causes. I heard some negative commentary from one of my catholic instructors on his selection. Largely because, as a Cardinal, he called for the removal of women from the altar during mass. I’ve read further negative commentary via Instapundit that says that he’s not telling the truth about his enrollment in the Hitler Youth.

What card carrying German citizen who was alive in the World War II era would admit to willingly participating, even if he did willingly participate? And it wasn’t exactly like he had a choice in the matter.

Personally, I’m glad to see that we have a new pope. I hope that he will live up to the legacy left behind by John Paul II.… [Read More]

Stink Bombs

I’ve been trying to figure this one out all day.. and I think I finally have.

The guy that sits directly behind me in math class, let off a stink bomb in the class room today. The evidence is thus:

I walked into the classroom. Classroom smelled normally, nothing out of the ordinary. Dude in question walks in with two of his buds, and all three of them were laughing about something. The minute the guy sat down behind me, the smell started up. It hit me in the face. Everyone in the class was covering their faces with their shirts. The instructor then walked in and wrinkled his nose and said, “Where is that coming from?”

We all looked around and determined it was coming from the back of the classroom. Then we opened all the windows and doors and the instructor went on with class.

As we got up to leave, the guy behind me dropped a yellow and red box on the floor that looked a lot like this one.[Read More]

This Week’s News From the Random

You go Steve!

While I am not a huge fan of the ipod, I must give kudos to Steve Jobs for breathing life into the digital music sales industry. But I have to wonder if Jobs will become the Nolan Bushnell of our decade.

Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit has some interesting commentary on the digital music age.

I think Glenn’s got a valid point. Since when have record companies ever had to compete amongst each other for contracts with artists? And why shouldn’t they have to? Isn’t that the point of capitalism? In the economic world, it is very much a game of survival of the fittest. If you give the consumer what they want, they buy your stuff and you make money. If you give them stuff they don’t want, you should not be shocked when they refuse to buy it. Record companies have never had to compete for their survival before, and they are kicking and screaming about it.… [Read More]

The WA Governor’s Election

Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to decieve.

The state of affairs in our gubenatorial election has just gotten ickier. I, for one, don’t like it. I don’t like a number of things about this election. I don’t like a number of things about our process.

The first of these is that it’s too darned easy to get an absentee ballot. You should have to go down and physically pick up your ballot and show ID for it before you go on vacation. Am I the only person who feels that it’s complete and utter garbage that you can have it mailed to your home? Most mailboxes don’t have locks on them, they aren’t secured and anyone could walk up to your mailbox when you’re not there and swipe your mail out of it. Furthermore, if you’re home on election day, you’re not an absentee. The polls are open late enough (or early enough if you prefer getting up at the crack of dawn), there’s no excuse for avoiding going down there to stand in line other than sheer laziness.… [Read More]