Oil-for-Food fiasco

I haven’t been following this story too closely, but this seems like a good round-up of the events surrounding the Oil For Food Scandal.

Personally, if it were me and it was determined that Annan had used his position at the UN to boost his son’s standings within a company or boost the company’s profitability so that it would benefit his son, well.. I’d consider canning his ass. That’s so not right. But, it looks like no one is blaming him directly in the investigation.… [Read More]

Terri’s Legacy?

MSNBC – The Legacy of Terri Schiavo

This is a really wonderful article describing the events that have led the nation to where it is today in the Terri Schiavo.

I have to say, I am sad for Terri and her family and her husband. I recently lost my grandfather, and while I spent hours upon hours in the hospital during his last moments, I only actually saw the man that I knew for five minutes between doses of morphine. It was hard to watch him die. I was lucky in that I didn’t have to. He passed quietly as I was on a flight home.

Dying is not a pretty, dignified thing. If anyone I love could have died with dignity, it would have been my grandfather. His death simply was not dignified. He was in an intense amount of pain from the spread of cancer. He couldn’t breathe well because he’d smoked for so many years that it was hard for me to picture him without a pack of camels in his shirt pocket and a cigarette burning in the ashtray as he read the paper.… [Read More]

I’m a Great Gamer..

jacked from JustusForAll

Great Gamer
GM says drop 2d10, aanndd… you roll 69% !
Not too bad- not too bad at all. You’re not exactly a first generation
gamer, and you probably have other hobbies besides rolling dice and
slaughtering orcs, but you’ve managed to collect enough knowledge to
impress even the most experienced gamer.
Pull out a few more nights for gaming and spend some more time with the
obscure books, soon you’re well on your way to becomming the Ultimate
My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:
You scored higher than 60% on dice
Link: The Real Gamers use Dice Test written by luminasita on Ok Cupid
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A few more words on Terri Schiavo

A commentor on Justus for All mentioned that this case has innundated the media so heavily that he can’t turn on the television or listen to talk radio without hearing someone say something about it. I, being the random gemini that I am, proceeded to go off on a rant that I felt was better posted here.

The whole thing is a bit much. I can’t help but blog on it because it offends my senses on many levels. I believe in my heart that it is better for Terri to die peacefully. I also feel that Terri’s parents have turned this whole scenario into a media circus to win the case in the court of public opinion in hopes that they would get their way.

The court of public opinion and a court of law are not the same thing. The law has limitations that set it apart from religious belief, morality and emotional response.… [Read More]